Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteering is so important to keep our Club running the way it is. Positions are listed below, along with the Club members who manage them. For those interested in volunteering to assist or manage any of these positions, please send an e-mail to ctctouring@gmail.com.

Club Officer Positions

Membership Director (Bill Cashel) 

  • The Membership Director will be responsible for management and control of the member database and the membership directory. The Director’s specific duties shall include maintaining the official membership roster, managing the database for data integrity and back-up, and providing summary details to the Council and Treasurer.

Membership Events Director (Pat White, Dan Szucs, Ray Kirchner, Sarah VanGilder) 

  • Member-Events Director(s) shall be club members in good standing and shall manage expenses within pre-approved Council budgets in support of member-directed events (e.g. Annual picnic; holiday gathering; ride leader special events) authorizing payments in support of the event and reporting results to the Council. Each event can be audited by a member of the Council or its appointee.

Secretary (OPEN)
Interim Secretary: Jackie LoPresti 

  • The Secretary shall keep a full and complete record of the proceedings of all meetings of the Club, and shall preserve all documents, correspondence, reports and communications of the Club. The Secretary’s specific duties shall include summarizing meeting minutes for approval and timely publication on the Club website; giving all notices required by law or these By-Laws; and maintaining an online repository of these By-Laws and any amendments thereto.

Treasurer (Pete Snitzer) 

  • The Treasurer shall be the chief financial officer of the Club and shall be responsible for the security of the Club’s funds and other assets. The Treasurer’s specific duties shall include receiving, depositing, accounting for and disbursing all Club funds, or authorizing others to do so, as provided for by these By-Laws and the Council; maintaining all financial records; making all legally-required filings; presenting a brief financial report at each Council meeting and the Annual Membership Meeting; and filing with the Council a written Annual Financial Report for each fiscal year outlining the financial condition of the Club and summarizing the previous year’s transactions and events, said Annual Financial Report to be published on the Members secured portion of the Club website.

IT Director (Jackie LoPresti) 

  • The IT Director will be responsible for managing and controlling the Club website under the Council’s overall direction, coordinating activities with other functions within the Club that require access to the site, including; Treasurer for financial reporting, Ride Leaders for blogs and route maps, Members for access to general Club information. The Director’s specific duties shall include management of the on-line payment process, administration and security of the website.

Other Volunteer Opportunities

Online Event Management (OPEN)

  • Creating and maintaining the weekend and signature events on Wild Apricot, then the e-mails automatically get distributed. Details needed: event title, date, time, location, description, link to maps. Weekday rides are not created on Wild Apricot since registration is not needed.

Route Map Creator/Manager (OPEN)

  • Create and maintain current route maps used by Ride Leaders for weekday and weekend rides.

CTC Store (Amy Jackson and Jackie LoPresti)

  • There is a pre-order form on the website. When members are interested, they will e-mail their completed form to ctctouring@gmail.com.
  • Once you get 10 completed pre-order forms for jerseys, and/or five order forms for jackets, alert our vendor DNA Cycling to open the CTC Store so members can place their order.
  • Once you see a few orders come in, start sending e-mails to the rest of the members encouraging them to complete a pre-order form for jerseys and jackets. This is so you can meet the minimum quantity goal and open the store.
  • This is typically done once or twice a year, depending on demand.

Donation Requests Manager (Stephen Friedman)

  • Once a year, the Club makes a donation to various bike organizations. The person managing donation requests will need to e-mail the members requesting their ideas for organizations to donate to. Ideas can be shared on an open forum of our website. Then, a vote will need to be set up to select the top few organizations. Finally, an announcement needs to go out announcing the organizations CTC will be donating to.

E-mail Monitoring (Jackie LoPresti) 

  • Respond to e-mails or forward them to the right person to answer member and non-member questions.

Google Event Calendar (Jackie LoPresti) 

  • Many of these events can be duplicated to the next year. Make sure these events are updated with the correct starting times, dates, locations, registration link to the weekend events, link to the ride leader pages, etc. This only takes a few hours to complete once a year. During the ride season, there are occasional changes.
  • This is a February/March project since that’s when the Ride Leader Coordinator will gather the Ride Leaders to plan their weekday rides, and also plan the weekend rides.

Ride Leader Coordinator (Andy Powell)  

  • Recruiting ride leaders for all rides.
  • Orient / train ride leaders.
  • Manage / revise Sunday rides.
  • Confirm dates and leads for signature rides.
  • Ensure ride leader pages are updated with the date, ride time changes, route changes / updates, etc. by January/February.
  • Get info to calendar manager to post by February.
  • Track any ride incidents.

Social Media (Jackie LoPresti)  

  • Managing our CTC Facebook Page and Group.
  • Keep members updated of what’s going on.
  • Post Examples: When you can renew your membership, when the ride calendar is posted, advertise for upcoming signature rides, post photos from events, etc. You can refer to past posts to see examples of content.
  • We typically post updates a few times a month, especially during the ride season.
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